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Model  railways are well catered for in all popular scales and marques  

Classic Toys and Games

Carlisle is a Railway City

A great variety for sale at Carlisle Toy Fair

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If you wish to contact us for any reason related to this website please email Charles at

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For Fair related business, please contact Jim Corr.

Thank you

 Thank you very much for visiting and we hope to see you at the next toy fair!

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Thank you for visiting Carlisle Toy Fair’s website  and reading Our New Updated Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

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You should know that Privacy Laws in the UK and Europe have tightened up in an effort to better protect the basic human right to privacy in the digital age.  

 The address of our site begins with https, signifying that the site’s identity is confirmed and if you see a padlock by the address window it means the page is secured. Some pages have digital services on them from third party providers off-site but still have the padlock indicating site security.  Google Maps is now as accountable to privacy law as we are.   Please read Google’s Privacy Policy  and note that these small text files offer convenience in return for sending information about your use of the site and services to Google, who are advertiser funded.  If you wish you can control placement of Cookies by selecting to block your browser’s acceptance of Cookies via your browser’s preference settings if you wish. Seek instructions on how to do this via your  chosen browser’s ‘Help’ facility as the method to block Cookie files varies by browser type.  If you need more help, please see for help with changing settings on different browsers.

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To summarise the privacy section here:

Jim Corr and his website designer Charles Paxton aren’t asking you for any more of your data or asking to use it differently.

He has just updated his Privacy Policy to clarify:

  A)  what data we collect from you, Jim only needs the information that he asks you to provide him with to book your toy fair table or attend the toy fair events. That’s all. If you want to Like his Facebook page and stay in touch through later life, that’s up to you, and it’s fine with Jim.

   B)  how he uses this data. He may use traders’ and shoppers’ contact details that they give him to contact them about forthcoming toy fair events and to notify them of the schedule and he doesn’t use visitors’ personal data for any purpose other than relavant communication with them.


  C) your rights regarding our treatment of your data.  You have the following rights to privacy regarding your data:


The Data Protection laws give you the right to access information held about you, if any is held. Any access request may be subject to a fee of up to £20 to meet costs in providing you with details of the information (if any) that Jim holds about you and any information request must be accompanied by acceptable proof of your identity. Jim won’t just give your data to any one who asks for it. It may very well cost nothing to provide that information to you. He’ll verify important or complex instructions with you before acting on them. Please note that it may well be the case that we  cannot oblige you with any information about yourself. I know no personal information about website visitors unless they make comment about a Fair or interact with my Facebook or other social media. Even then I can only know what you tell me about yourself. On Facebook you can remove any comments made yourself. This is the Opt-in information age. The new law guarantees your power to change your mind and be in control of how your data is used. It’s powerful. You can opt out when you want and take your data with you.


We recognize that it’s our duty not to treat your data irresponsibly, to protect digital and analogue equipment that enables our business and take back-up measures. Jim may also keep written contact information about traders off-line. This is very necessary to guard against electronic equipment failure.  This also goes for my website designer and his files, Charles Paxton of


In the event that you’d like some or all your data deleted or your data taken off-line if it is online, please make your request to us jointly in writing and we’ll verify the details of your request with you to prevent mistakes, and then serve your request faithfully. It could be that you’d prefer not to feature in a photograph, or have your table mentioned in a flyer or in a past article, or something like that. Please ask, and we’ll be happy to oblige.  We may ask for proof of identity in some acceptable form to ensure we aren’t deleting someone else’s data who would like to retain it.


We won’t impede your right to move data to a rival toy fair or website either, or from the wrong place on the site to the right place, I think those are applicable examples of this right to move data away from where it might currently be.


Data breaches can happen to even large organizations such as banks and govt. offices. If I become aware of theft or loss of your data from hacking or equipment failure or any other possibility I shall endeavour to alert you as soon as possible. Please alert me if you become aware of such a risk, such as losing your notebook or lap-top or falling victim to a Phishing fraud or something like that, that might have security implications for us. We'd be grateful to be alerted. You are entitled to be alerted within 72 hrs by GDPR rules of a breach and we’re expected to be alert for them.

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As I said you don’t have to do anything to enable greater rights to the protection of your data, that is granted by law. We still hope that all website visitors will adhere to our terms of use though. You can access them from our Legal page.

You might want to view my page on Facebook to keep in touch with event information and reports of what people enjoyed at the different events, and it may please you to Learn more about Facebook's New Privacy policy by clicking here.

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I hope that you can use my website and blog with confidence. I hope to help you too, enjoy fantastic toy fairs!

Thank you very much for your attention.

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