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Model  railways are well catered for in all popular scales and marques  

Classic Toys and Games

Carlisle is a Railway City

A great variety for sale at Carlisle Toy Fair

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About Durham Vintage Toys

Welcome to for Toy, Train & Sci Fi Fairs in northern England.

Discover a treasure trove of fine models including:

and much, much more !

Find delightful additions to your collections, memorable new gifts for your loved ones and replacements for old favourites, lost or damaged.

You  can also enjoy free parking and the hospitality and fine food provided in the popular cafeteria.

About The Carlisle Toy Fair

Held twice yearly in historic Carlisle, the toy fair brings together stall holders and collectors from across the North of England, Scotland and the Borders. Enthusiasts can explore a range of high quality, collectable vintage and current models in the comfortable facilities provided by the The Shepherds Inn,  Rosehill, Carlisle, just off the M6 junction 43. Also M1 and A69.

Northern toy, model and sci-fi fairs are a fun opportunity to buy, swap and sell a varying range of vintage and new model planes, cars, trains, trucks, military and agricultural vehicles, dolls, Sci-fi, fantasy and more await discerning collectors and toy lovers of all ages. A fun day out for people who enjoy toys of character and for meeting fellow collectors and 'talking toys'.

Our Next Fair will be at

Catterick. Sunday 24th June

See you there for a great day of buying, selling

and talking toys, models and sci fi collectibles!

Click here for more information.

Toy Fair in North West England.

Toy Fairs in North East England

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 Northern Toy Fairs

Next Toy, Train & Sci Fi Fair

Catterick Sunday 24th June 2018,

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Catterick Toy Fair Information




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