Table booking & Set- up information for Sellers

You don’t have to be a Trader to have a stall at our Fairs.
Whether you’re selling your own collection, or have inherited some collectables, you’ll be welcome.
Contact us to discuss.

Table Costs

Table sizes are approx 6ft x 2ft and our trading charges are as follows:

Gateshead & Rainton:

1 Table = £26.00   2 Tables = £50.00

3 Tables = £72.00  4 Tables = £92.00

(£20 Per table after 3 tables)


1 Table = £28.00   2 Tables = £54.00

3 Tables = £78.00  4 Tables = £100.00

(£22 Per table after 3 tables)

Backing tables can be provided for £6 each (Gateshead/Rainton), £8 each (Musselburgh/York), or you can bring your own.

Set-up Times

Set up times for sellers are as follows:

Gateshead, Musselburgh, Rainton, York Fairs.

For our Gateshead/Musselburgh Fairs, it may be possible to set up the evening before the Fair if required – on request.

**Important – For the York Fair only;

If you are bringing your own backing tables, they need to have rubber feet if not please bring something to put under the feet to protect the floor. Also we do require sellers to fold down their booked tables at the end of the York Fair and place them at the loading doors.

Give us a shout!

If you would like to book a table, or have any further queries, contact us: